Your Friend…The Battle Rope.

NO Doubt as a BFT’er you have encountered our good friend the Battle Rope!

Previously more closely associated with tying up boats or hanging from trees over rivers, the humble Battle Rope and training with them is extremely tough, yet extremely rewarding.

Battle Ropes come in all shapes and sizes, typically ranging from the 8-15m in length, and are anywhere between 2.5 to 5cm thick. They weigh between 7.5 and 20 kg, depending on the thickness and length.

The major benefit of training with battle ropes is the application of upper body power, combined with endurance. The rope is wrapped around an anchor point, and you hold the rope at it’s end, just before the end cap. Note: the end caps are not the handles!

By implementing a whipping or circular motion with your arms, you create what’s called a “wave”, which requires a huge metabolic demand to maintain in the rope.

Power endurance is an extremely demanding task on the body. It is essentially the ability to apply maximal force, at maximal speed, for a maximal amount of time. This requires a huge demand on the energy systems in the body, burning a huge amount of calories and improving strength and fitness. This is why we love using them so much at BFT!

Power endurance is the “holy grail” of athletic performance – so why not train like an athlete and reap the same benefits.

Some other benefits of battle rope training include:

– Low impact training. Minimal stress is placed on the joints, with all the force applied to the muscular system.

– Calorie Incinerator. Burns just as many calories as sprinting, high-intensity interval training and heavy resistance training

– Athletic Performance. Trains the neuromuscular system to apply force that begins at the core and extends through the extremities (both arms and legs) – a must for improving performance.

– Killer core workout. Works the entire core from above your knees to below your chest by both applying power from the core and stabilising and bracing spinal movement.

– Builds functional strength. Real world, manly strength. You will develop a grip like a vice, shoulders like a lumberjack and the core of a gymnast.

– Psychological training. It hurts, then it hurts some more. Push past those barriers and see what you are truly made of.

– Safe to use. Just drop them when you can’t go any more.

With limited time left in the 8WC, remember the Battle Rope is your friend. Make sure your time on the Battle Rope is maximised for maximum results in every session!