September 9, 2020by ben.g.differ



“Those who say they can and those who say they can’t are both usually correct, so always say you can.”

Child care worker for 5 years before moving into fitness in 2018 to be able to help people lead healthier and happier lives. BFT Programs provide an overall strength and fitness lifestyle in a supportive, family, group environment, that align with my morals, values and beliefs.


September 9, 2020by ben.g.differ



“Take the jump. Too many of us are not living out our dreams, because we are too busy living in fear.”

Beau Graduated cert 3/4 in Fitness back in 2009 and continued with a Diploma of fitness 2010. Following into 3 years into the workforce at TAFEsa lecturing future graduates of a cert 3/4 fitness. Once he realized he needed to move forward with his goal of becoming a business owner/trainer in 2013 Beau decided to start his own PT business And followed on to create a name within the industry before and discover his true calling with Body Fit Training. Beau has a love for mentoring not only within the industry but in day to day operations as well which shines through his coaching techniques and watching members progress day in and day out.