September 9, 2020by ben.g.differ



The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Dylan is a kiwi born self proclaimed ‘engine’ who loves all things football and fitness. Dylan is known for pushing members to their limits and he likes to see people learn and improve themselves and get fitter and stronger with each class.“I love that I get to see members everyday who have now turned into friends, that’s my idea of a dream job.”


August 27, 2020by ben.g.differ



“Sometimes ambition bears no limitation”.

Daniel is a retired Port Adelaide Football player of 5 years, and he loves seeing small improvements each week in a member’s technique or fitness level. He is constantly learning more about the fitness industry which helps him progress as a coach and a person.  Daniel loves everything about BFT but his number 1 love is the members…”we have such a great group of people!”