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Small things done repeatedly have great power.

Baelee is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about making high quality coaching accessible to as many people as possible, and helping others achieve better overall wellbeing through exercise. She loves bringing evidence based exercise that gets real results to our members, and believes BFT provides an opportunity to learn about well programmed training in a fun group based environment.


September 9, 2020by ben.g.differ



Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.

Avid basketballer having played at BigV & SEABL level. Rachel knows first hand the impact of injuries on an individuals physical and mental health and got involved in the fitness injury to help optimize health and prevent illness/injury. Rachel completed her Masters in Exercise Physiology in 2019, following a Bachelor in Health & Rehabilitation Science. I love the vibe in our studio created by our members, everyone is always encouraging and giving 100%


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You are in control of your own reality.”

Liana is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Yoga teacher currently working within private practice in the rehabilitation of chronic health conditions, injuries and diseases using evidence- based exercise as medicine. Liana has a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation of athletes, and assisting those with challenging chronic musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Liana loves the sense of community BFT creates and always strives to improve the knowledge, understanding and application of exercise training within the health and fitness industry.


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“Go hard or go home.”

Laura likes her workouts how she likes her coffee – double strength. With a Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and another Degree in Nutrition, this girl is all about knowledge. Her experience with athletes in a strength and conditioning setting, combined with her Pilates instructor background, means Laura is OBSESSED with technique. Laura loves seeing clients succeed, and loves the challenge BFT classes bring each week.


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“You are not going to get a more advanced training program anywhere else, unless you’re involved in and professional sporting club or elite training environment.”

After being in the fitness industry for 12 years and owning and running a small PT studio, Chris understands the importance of proper training and the science behind why and when you should be doing what you do. He believes that the training and exercise you do must always have a purpose and progressed so you’re getting better and more efficient every session you do. Chris loves the fact he is able to meet so many new members with the chance to build long lasting relationship with positive people that are looking to improve their health and wellness. 


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“Just get it done! You’ll thank yourself later.”

Jeremy has a large background of sport specific training, originally pushing to be an Olympic swimmer. Since moving on from sport he has been working in the fitness industry for 4 years and has brought his knowledge from past training experience to BFT, where he believes he has access to all the tools needed to get results. A testament of his own training methodology, Jeremy loves pushing clients to reach their full potential! Jeremy is extremely confident in the programing at BFT and is keen to get our members confident to smash the workouts.


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“Exercise serves as a way to train the mind to do the things that are hard.”

David has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years. During that time he has helped countless people achieve their health and fitness goals. He constantly ensures each of his clients get the most out of each session. David loves everything about BFT, but most of all he loves the culture they have created. “We’re like one big happy family!”


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Youre only one workout away from a good mood.

Zac has just finished completing his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. He has a passion for all things health and fitness and loves being able to help people reach whatever goal they are aiming for. Zac loves that BFT provides not only awesome fun workout for clients each day, but that they are backed by the science and research so that the client knows that they will progress day in and day out.


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When you put all excuses aside, It will always come down to how badly you want it.

 By far the most rewarding thing about working in this industry is not just is seeing people achieve their goals. But also their dedication, It inspires everyone around them in some way. The best thing about BFT is the programming. Its progressive but also can be made to suit the individual, its rare to find a program that covers strength, fitness and mobility.


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I’m in it because I like to teach people that there is FUN in being ACTIVE.”

Jess is a huge ambassador for positivity and movement to improve people’s lives. She loves seeing clients show up on the tougher days and put the work in. Jess loves how the Body Fit Training sessions change everyday. Guaranteeing clients variety in their training and the opportunity to push themselves in every session.